Dr. Dietrich Schindler: The Jesus Model


Planting Churches the Jesus Way  (Piquant Edition, 2013)

Dr. Dietrich Schindler wrote The Jesus-Model: Planting Churches the Jesus Way in German in 2010. The Jesus Model of church planting ends with a viable description of a church planting multiplication movement and how to attain it in a European setting. The book is unique in that it is the only known work on church planting, in any language, which explores Jesus' life and teachings as they relate to church planting. Most, if not all of church planting literature weighs in on Paul and the Acts of the Apostles to lay a biblical foundation for church planting.

There is a great need for church planting literature for Europeans written from a European perspective. Most church planting literature is from a North American perspective. The author has planted five churches in Germany, and speaks from experience. The Jesus -Model of Church Planting is being used in German Bible Schools and seminaries in courses on missions and church planting. Dr. Schindler has been asked to teach on church planting at the request of European leaders in countries such as Austria, Spain, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Norway, Sweden, France, Holland, and Belgium.

(Zdroj: https://dietrichschindler.com/the-jesus-model-book)

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